American College of Education Theory Supported Leadership Models Essay

Analyzing Leadership Models

In this assignment, you will select and analyze three theory-supported leadership models and explain how they could impact teacher leadership. You may select three of the leadership models mentioned in the course or from your own research.

Step 1. Select
Select three theory-supported leadership models you can relate to teacher leadership. Remember, some models are a better fit for effective teacher leadership than others.

Step 2. Research
Use the course readings, presentations, learning objects, and your own research to learn more about the three research-supported leadership models. Take notes on the three models. As you research, consider how each model relates to teacher leadership.

Step 3. Analyze
Analyze the findings about each model and consider how it relates to teacher leadership. For example, if you selected emergent leadership, you may discuss how teachers emerge as leaders and then relate it to your own experience, if applicable.

Step 4. Introduce
Compose 1-2 well-developed introductory paragraphs for a 8- to 9-page analysis paper. Describe teacher leadership and explain how it relates to school vision, goals, and the work of a school. Briefly introduce and define the three selected leadership models.

Step 5. Compose
In the body of the paper, analyze each leadership model and relate it to teacher leadership in general and to your own experience, if appropriate. You will need to decide how to organize your paper, which will depend on the selected models.

For example: You might organize them in the order they appear in a teacher leader’s growth trajectory: emergent leadership, servant leadership, transformational leadership. Or, you may organize them by your assessment of the level of importance: servant leadership, democratic leadership, and transformational leadership.

Step 6. Conclude
Compose a well-developed summary/conclusion paragraph for your analysis paper. In it, relay how you and your school can use an understanding of theory-supported models to promote teacher leadership.

  • How do the selected models support your work as a teacher leader?

Step 7. Reference
Include APA-formatted in-text citations and reference page.

Step 8. Submit
Submit the analysis paper with an APA-formatted title page and reference page.

Time Sensitive Preview: In the Module 2 assignment, you will demonstrate collaboration with colleagues. In preparation for the assignment, contact two teacher colleagues with an interest in teacher leadership and preview the Module 2 assignment with them. Explain they will be asked to complete a brief evaluation of you as a teacher leader and participate in a virtual group discussion about issues/concerns at a school and the role of teacher leadership in resolving them. Schedule the group discussion using an online meeting platform of your choice. If possible, use a platform with audio-recording capabilities, such as Zoom.

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