Advance web development

Advanced Web Development

Part C: Web Technology implementation:  implementation of relevant aspects of Web Technology via a Joomla CMS.

Part C (60%) Implementing aspects of a Joomla CMS:

You will extend your part B case study by developing some aspect of an implementation of relevance to your case study B. For example, a Crowd Sourcing interfaces a Joomla forum for a Community of Practice, a Data Mashup, a Neural Network for categorising Web users etc. You will write a report evidencing what you have done and justifying your technical and design choices (a list of required implementation features is provided in this document)

Up to 3000 words.


All parts should include the following:

• Justification for selection of topic

• ‘Problem’ definition

• Your aims and objectives in undertaking the case study

• Use of appropriate literature to support your arguments

• Conclusions/recommendations/scope for further investigation


Part C: To demonstrate a mature ability to critically evaluate and select Web Technologies, development methodologies and implementation strategies, for a given or future globalised business context.


Mark Scheme – Part C Implementing aspects of a Joomla CMS

This should relate to your case study part B.

Your system should include sufficient test data to demonstrate functionality.

You are not expected to produce a whole site in Joomla, but aspects of one. The

range of functionalities you can choose from are listed below.


Follow these steps:

It is your decision which aspects of the system you will design, develop and

implement. For example, you could implement the ability for a user to browse,

search, tag, upload and comment online about their experiences of a particular

concept (e-science, tourism, COP etc)


Whatever your decision, the final system must demonstrate at least FOUR of the following functions:

• Create a front-end interface of your choice, which includes a list of non-dynamic browsable options [up to 10 marks].

• Create a front-end interface which includes a dynamic list of browsable options [up to 10 marks]

• Create an advanced ‘search’ facility [up to 10 marks]

• Create a user registration form and user login facility [up to 10 marks]

• Allow users to view, add and update their text entries in blogs [up to 10 marks]

• Allow users to upload their own sound, video and image files [up to 10 marks]

• Assign tags and create tag clouds [up to 10 marks]

• Allow users to view each others’ contributions, including blogs, audio, images and videos, etc. [up to 10 marks]

• Allow users to view and add comments on other’s entries [up to 10 marks]

• Add an RSS feed for appropriate news or other data and a Google mashup service of appropriate information [up to 10 marks]


Part C, what to submit:

1. A final report detailing your design, development and implementation

processes, maximum 3000 words [up to 10 marks].

Your report should provide a critical evaluation of your project with a convincing rationale for your design and implementation decisions. The report should include any code you have written and sufficient screen-shots and descriptive detail to evidence effective functionality [up to 5 marks].

2. A user manual explaining the operation and functioning of the system, 1000-

2000 words [up to 10 marks]. Normally, a user manual encompasses screen-shots and textual descriptions about the system’s functionality i.e. the log-in, search and navigation functions, video upload mechanisms, etc.


3. Upload a 4 minute PowerPoint or.pdf presentation highlighting your site and the functionalities you have implemented. Include screen-shots, a rationale for your decisions as well as any brief, commented, and examples of code you have originated.

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