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Share the findings of your DiSC assessment. How can you integrate and relate to individuals with different personality and leadership styles? Include some specific examples.




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Having not taken a test like this in quite some time, I was anxious to see how the 10 years in a management role may have affected my results. 

The assessment showed I have a blend of both Dominant and Inspiring traits. My Dominant traits are probably a little stronger than my Inspiring traits.  Some words that describe me are: Directive, Decisive, Driven and Interactive.  I am task-oriented, and probably get a great deal done. I probably like problem solving and getting results. I am comfortable interacting with others to make things happen.

These results describe me to a T.  In my former role, I managed a group of 12 people who supported the efforts of a National Accounts sales team for a large packaging company.  We supported a sales portfolio of almost $2billion and dealt with multiple priorities and deadlines almost daily.   

I come from a very small town mid-westerner background (high school graduating class of 98 — that’s people, not the year), so I can communicate with people from all walks of life. I was the only person in the office who knew the cleaning crew by name, yet the CEO knew mine. My dad was an iron worker and my mom a homemaker, but they owned several small businesses when I was growing up, so I guess I get my business sense from being raised in that type of environment. 

I’m intrigued by what makes people “tick” and I think that helps me interact with people with other leadership styles.  My style is very direct (obviously), but I have had the most success leading and managing people because I treat people how I want to be treated and I don’t expect anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do. 

My leadership style served me well for 10 years after which time the company I worked for was bought by another company.  The new company had different business philosophies, which included all employees being in Atlanta, with less experience, working for less money, so my department and I were laid off. 

I am employed again, but not in a management role, and I struggle with the management and leaders as their style is quite different from mine and my prior boss. I have never encountered so many people who are miserable at their job, so I’m anxious to see what I can learn from this course………….jane    


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Define the term “dominant culture”, and in your own words give an example of an aspect of dominant culture in current American society. How does this feature of dominant culture function within our society? How did it function during the postwar era in the United States? What are some of the values or mores present within this aspect of dominant culture?


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I view dominant culture as being the “popular” thoughts of usually the majority, as it pertains to education, language, religion, and behaviors, to name a few.  A dominant culture that comes to mind is racism.  While America addressed oppression and mistreatment of the Jewsby the Germans in WWII, African Americans,were still not accepted as equals here in the US.

There was still quite a bit of segregation in the military during the war.While African Americans were allowed in some cases to become members of units with others, in most cases they were still restricted to black only units.  It took several decades before true equality was established for all.

As mentioned in one of the readings, Leadbelly and other African Americans played a large influence in the music and entertainment arena post WWII.

We have come a long way since WWII.


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