3000 words

Length: 3000 Words (~12 pages)

Delivery Time : 4 Days

Time for requesting changes : Standard 7 days

Paper instructions : This assignment requires you to select one of the

two available questions to write the paper about. I recommend selecting

Question A, however, ultimately I leave the choice as to what question

is performed up to you and what you feel is

best for you.

I will be attaching 2 PDF documents. The first one will be two pages in

length, and outlines the questions themselves and what they are in

particular wanting you to answer. The second document outlines the

guidelines that must be adhered to when writing the


Referencing must be done via AGLC4, however if you use APA or Harvard,

that is fine and I can change that all around prior to submitting the

paper itself.

Finally, as Question A in particular may result in you making particular

references to the play ‘Antigone’, a document will be attached with a

transcript of the play itself. Any and all references made to the play

must be used by referencing this document and

not any other version.

Additionally, it is expected that at least 20 high quality academic

sources will be referenced throughout the paper via footnotes.

If you have any questions, please just ask.

As detailed below in the ‘Paper Instructions’ three documents will be attached outlining the requirements of the paper.

The first document is a two-page PDF outlining the questions the paper is wanting to be considered. The writer must select from
either Question A or B and must only write about one of the
questions and not both. I am not concerned about what Question the
writer choses to write the paper about, as I want them to select
whatever they feel most comfortable writing about. I would
suggest Question A, but as already indicated, that is a mere
suggestion, and the writer can use their discretion.

The second document is a four-page PDF outlining the ‘guidelines’ that must be adhered to when writing the paper.

The third document is a 72-page transcript of Sophocles play
‘Antigone’. If Question A is selected by the writer and references are
made to specific portions of ‘Antigone’ it is this document alone that
must be referenced and not any other versions available
on the internet. The way in which references to the play are to be
done are outlined on Page 2 of the Guidelines document.

Finally, the Guidelines document states that referencing must be done
via AGLC4. If this method is not known to the writer, that is fine. If
that is the case, please reference in either APA or Harvard and I will
make the changes myself once the paper itself
has been received.

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